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 We, CV. VERRIZA ELEKTRIK INDONESIA, as an independent distributor and general stockiest for MCMASTER-CARR products based in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, we are proud to offer our Original and certified of all MCMASTER CARR products as the following categories: 

Abrading & Polishing : sanding, grinding, abrasive, wheel, polishers 
Building & Grounds : hoses, instruments, safety  
Electrical & Lighting : wires & Cables, Switching & Controlling, power & Lighting. 
Fabricating : Machining, Forming, Clamping & Positioning 
Fastening & Joining : welding, brazing & Soldering 
Filtering : cartridges, strainers, filters, breather 
Flow & Level Control : Pumps, Valves, Orifice, Switches, indicators, flowmeters 
Furniture & Storage : Tables, Chairs, cabinets, storages, tools boxes, drums, pails, tanks 
- Hand Tools : Hammers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, sockets, tools sets 
Hardware : all products 
Heating & Cooling : Heaters, Blowers, Exhaust, Air cleaners, 
Lubricating : Grease, Grease Guns, Oils, Lubricants, 
Material Handling : Conveyors, Drum Handling equipment, 
Measuring & Inspecting : Dimensional Measuring, calibrating, inspecting, motion and speed measuring 
Office Supplies & Signs : Markers, pens, pencils, sign, sign holders, identification & Marking 
- Pipe, Tubing, Hose & Fittings : Pipe Fittings, joint, tubing, clamps etc 
Plumbing & Janitorial : plunger, shower, dryers, cleaners 
Power Transmissions: Rotary motion, linear motion, Hydraulics, Pneumatics tools 
Pressure & Temperature Control : Gauges, recorder, switches, tranducer, regulators, heat exchanger 
Pulling & Lifting : Chain, Wire rope, Hooks, Slings, Hoist, winches, cranes, jack, trolley 
Raw Materials : metals, shim stock, wire, wire cloth, plastic, ceramics, casting compound 
Safety Supplies : Personal Protective Equipment, Protective Equipment, sign, 
Sawing & Cutting : reciprocating saw blades, blades, knives, cutters 
Sealing : O-Ring, compression Packing, gaskets, mechanical seals, sealant 
Shipping : Bags & Envelopes, tubes, boxes, drums & Palls, packing material, tape, pallets, 
Suspending : Strut Channel, Pipe Hanger, U-Bolt, Eye Bolt, cable tie, cable & Hose carrier, Beam clamps, Turnbuckles 

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Berdiri Tahun: 2023
Kota: DKI Jakarta - Jakarta Barat - Cengkareng
Modal Awal Usaha: Rp. 75.000.000
Jumlah Karyawan: 1-10 Orang
Menjual: 1000
Kategori Usaha: Mesin & Peralatan Industri / Perlengkapan Mesin Industri / Perlengkapan Mesin PerkayuanPerlengkapan Listrik & Elektronik / Motor Listrik & KomponenMesin & Alat Berat / Perlengkapan Alat BeratMesin & Peralatan Industri / Valves & FittingMesin & Peralatan Industri / Peralatan PengeboranMesin & Peralatan Industri / Power Tools

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Terdaftar pada Tahun 2023 dengan modal usaha Rp. 75.000.000 dan memiliki karyawan 1-10 Orang.

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